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Student Body Council Election



Jenny Hwang '22
Sara Park '22
Elika Oh '22


1. I will be a bridge between the students and the teachers. (install an opinion box)

2. I will make a more friendly environment by creating a “Birthday Table,” and giving gifts.

3. I am the one who really cares about our school and the students.

Candidate Information:

Jenny Hwang '22

Extracurricular Activities (CCAS ONLY, 3 Max.)

1. Student Body Council - Freshman Class Representative

-I was a 9th grade representative of the entire 9th-grade students which had three classes.

-Communication Officer was a job to inform all the information from the SBC meeting. I also had to be an MC of all the festivals and shows even though it was not held by SBC.


2. Daniel and Esther Club - President

D&E club is a prayer/worship club. I prepared a lecture and talked about it for an hour. For the next 30 minutes, we discussed today's lecture and prayed.


3. Newspaper - Writer

I wrote articles about the school events every month for the Cornerview. 

Awards (5 Max.)

1. 2019 CCAS English Speaking Contest - Bronze

2. 2020 CCAS English Speaking Contest - Gold

3. 2021 CCAS English Speaking Contest - Honorable mention

4. 2021 CCAS Social Fair Award - Best Overall

5. 2019 CCAS Academic Award - Honor Roll B



Hannah Kim '22
Ryan Yoon '22
Neo Park '22


1. With my experience and passion, I believe I could be a great leader. I promise to do my best to resolve problems and increase student interest in the school.

2.  If elected, the event I want to have is a carnival on the school building or on the rooftop. Also, I have several other plans such as providing a nurse room and making school varsity jackets.

3. All these preparations require a good communicator and mediator between the students and teachers. Through my communication skills, the teachers will see a smooth, organized, and responsible Student Body Council.

Candidate Information:

Hannah Kim '22

Extracurricular Activities (CCAS ONLY, 3 Max.)

1. Student Body Council - Historian

-Organized important events, took photos, designed posters, updated information on the Student Body Council official Instagram account, produced videos, made announcements, and communicated with students to speak up for them.

-Accomplished donating 500 KF94 masks worth 145 won during the Covid- 19 pandemic to Daegu Medical Association.


2. Newspaper - Managing Editor

-Spearheaded and led the monthly school newspaper by enforcing members on schedule. Made utmost efforts to suggest more creative ideas, assign specific deadlines, keep the writers on schedule and respond to questions from the writers.


3. Praise Team - Singer, Engineer

I had a position of a singer, managing the ppt, and engineer. Tried to make the atmosphere for nonreligious students to feel comfortable, relaxed, and interested.

Awards (5 Max.)

1. 2019 CCAS Academic Award- Honor Roll B

2. 2020 CCAS English Speaking Contest- Silver

3. 2021 CCAS Academic Award- Honor Roll B


senior Class

representative CANDIDATES

Victor Jun '22
Brian Song '22
Jungyeon Chae '22
Alex Choi '22


1.I will work as hard as I need to, to make the ideas of 12 grade to be heard and to be important for the school. One idea I have is to create a new Gmail account where students could send a message to me in a private and anonymous way.

2. I will support the seniors with their concerns and problems they might have. The first semester of Senior year can be one of the toughest moments for the students, so I want to become someone who could be reliable for the students.

3. This is the last year of school, so I’m planning to suggest several activities that could make this year a memorable experience. For example, one idea I have is to create Tetris activities as Tetris is very popular among students.

Candidate Information:

Victor Jun '22

Extracurricular Activities (CCAS ONLY, 3 Max.)

1. Current Events - Member

-I research a new one of my choice and analyze it. Later, I present it to my peers of the club and we discuss the topic.


2. Basketball - Member

I participated in the training sessions of the club and played several games. Moreover, I participated in the KISAC tournament during 9th grade.


3. Journalism - Member

I participated in the creation of several videos of the club. The idea was to create a news video where students could hear about the latest news of the school.

Awards (3 Max.)

1. 2021 Participation in Good Neighbors Clean Water and Sanitation

2. 2019 CCAS Academic Award - B Honor Roll


junior Class

representative CANDIDATES

Daniel Lee '23
Ailey Lee '23
Christina Jung '23


1. I will try my best to bring the most benefits to 11th-grade students. As a Junior Representative, I will consider our classmates’ benefits first on every decision.

2. When we can go to Koinonia Camp, I can assure you that it will be the most entertaining Koinonia Camp under my lead. I will design our tour schedule by faithfully reflecting your opinion.

3. I promise to develop my academic progress to be the worthy class representative of 11th grade.

Candidate Information:

Daniel Lee '23

Extracurricular Activities (CCAS ONLY, 3 Max.)

1. Business for Future Ceos - Sales

-As a member of the Sales Team in the Business for Future CEOs club, I managed the 90 Degree Market Instagram account and designed the overall fundamental system of our 90 Degree Lottery.

Awards (3 Max.)

1. 2020 CCAS Team Math competition - 1st place

2. 2020 CCAS English Speech Contest - Honorable Mention


Sophomore Class

representative CANDIDATES

Chloe Jung '24
Alyssa Lee '24


1. I will serve as the voice for the class of 2024 to represent them in SBC.

2. I will create an inclusive community where everyone feels respected.

3. I will organize fun activities for the sophomore class to raise school spirit and help build lasting memories.

Candidate Information:

Chloe Jung '24

Extracurricular Activities (CCAS ONLY, 3 Max.)

1. Yearbook - Staff

-I design page layouts, collect photos, and contribute ideas for the CCAS yearbook.


2. Dance - Member

I attend regularly held training and practice sessions to practice for our performances and school talent show.


3. Heifer International - Member

-I help organize and implement fundraising events and research environmental issues in other countries to raise awareness of environmental problems.

Awards (3 Max.)

1. 2020 CCAS English Speaking Contest- Honorable Mention

2. 2021 CCAS Spirit Award

3. 2020 CCAS Social Fair- Most Engaged Award


Vice President
Senior Class
Junior Class
Sophomore Class
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